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Media & Advertising Market Research

BRMR provides sourceful information, analysis and data for the media industry, including detailed coverage and analysis of the leading markets and companies in the media industry. BRMR provides news and information on the multimedia publishing industry which includes all the various types of media now available for publishers to disseminate their database information to professional markets or to provide entertainment.
The explosion of media options open to today’s advertiser’s means that its influence nowadays is more significant than ever. Whether you are looking for insights into TV, radio, print, direct mail, interactive or cross-media research, the team at BRMR can help you.
Whether it is testing the price sensitivity of companies and their advertising spend in newspapers, testing the effectiveness of your latest direct marketing campaign throughout or understanding the future allocation of media buyers’ advertising budgets, BRMR can help you.
Media and Advertising delivers data and practical advice that helps advertisers maximize ROI; assists publishers with generating ad revenue; and enables service providers to position themselves competitively. It tackles timely interactive marketing issues such as how to select new advertising techniques, select vendors, and implement tools. It examines how to leverage traditional brand and direct marketing principles into successful online initiatives with a focus on targeting and optimizing campaigns for success as well as how to integrate cross-media efforts and measure results. This coverage area provides analysis of both the business and strategy of interactive advertising.
•   Brand Equity Research
•  Consumer Preference Research
•  Product Pricing Research
•   Printing Quality Research
•   Appearance Research
•   Matter Content Research
•   New Market Research
•  Consumer Suggestive Research
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