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BRMR Research: Quality Standards Bureau of Rajasthan Market Research is an emerging market research company. Our strict standard guidelines and the commitment to provide authentic and in-depth market research analysis to our esteemed clients are the secrets of our unparallel market research services. With the vast pool of domain experts and well trained professionals, SR Market Research provides full-fledged market research services. From conceptualization, data collection, strategic analysis to final project report preparation and presentation—we offer all.
Bureau of Rajasthan Market Research:
Quality Research and Capabilities At BRMR, we follow defined research strategies to conduct market research studies. Our hands-on experience in in-depth market research process enables us to understand the specific requirements of our clients and to deliver reliable research solutions within a set timeframe. With defined parameters on place, BRMR is able to offer authentic, comprehensive, and customized solutions.
Market research quality control at Bureau of Rajasthan Market Research:
Data collection and management: Data collection is our area of expertise. Accurate data collection is the basis of every successful market research activity. Authentic and comprehensive data leads to the trustworthy insights of the market. Our rigorous quality control program determines highest quality data collection. At BRMR we employ scientific data collection methods and practices. Our trained executives and researchers are experienced in data collection and come up with the accurate and consistent data. Quality is an attitude at BRMR. Every member of BRMR  trained to use scientific data collection tools and technologies and right from the orientation, all the professionals are motivated and instructed to follow quality standards in every market research project.
Some of the measures that BRMR undertakes include:
• Orientation and Training:
• Every executive and researcher have to undergo orientation and training programs
• Training on survey techniques, call monitoring, and follow-ups
• Training on use of survey tools and methods
• Mock training for market research professionals
• Continuous supervision, briefing and monitoring
• Quality-centric rewards and recognitions
• Quality control—Data and Surveys:
• 30% of gathered field data is cross checked by team of supervisors
• Quality Wing: Re-scrutiny of minimum of 10% of data after supervisor review
• Logic checks: Easy format, recording, validation and analysis of the data
• Language Checks: Spellings and grammatical errors, sentence structure, consistency and flow etc
• Layout and Design Checks: Placement of content, multimedia presentation and visual appeal of the market research reports etc.
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